Web-Based Learning Time!

I spent today’s shift learning new things about my job by doing some online computer training, and so far I have managed to complete all of the courses that include floor hazard safety, parking lot safety, etc. I had fun reading some questions while trying to correctly answer them in random quizzes but it took me several tries to pass them.

So now I can finally enjoy my weekend, unless I get called in for bonus time. 😛

Ze Sunday Night Thread of Ze Opening

I managed to survive another rainy day in hell earlier in the morning, and now I’m down to two more days of work to do this week. I got nothing special to blog about other than I’ve been getting dozens of compliments from various people in hell about my simply fabulous hair, and I felt so happy when I got nice compliments like that. 🙂

Open Thread!

Friday Night Lucky Bonus Open Thread

It’s my lucky day! Because I have received additional hours of my nightmare shift for today, and I also got a phone call earlier this afternoon from the workers about wanting me to come in tomorrow for my bonus shift starting at noon o’ clock. I chose to accept their request that they gave me, and hopefully I’ll survive another apocalypse of the evil COVID mobsters who refuse to take vaccine shots and/or put on face masks so that I can plan on what kind of things I should do next before coming back to work again the next day after.

So yeah, I felt so great when I got some bonus work time which means even more cash for me. Hooray! 😃

Typical day of my nightmare shift

Ladies and gentlemen, I will now tell you a story that I wanted to share with all of you. At around 2pm in the afternoon while I pushing shopping carts around the parking lot when suddenly a woman with long, white hair got my attention and asked me if I could ask the trucker guy if he could move his black diesel truck over to a different parking spot because his truck’s blocking her parking space in which I’m kinda iffy about it and refused to do so. So, the white-haired woman went up to the trucker guy and asked him to move his truck to free up some of the parking space for her. But problems arise when the trucker guy lost it and started angrily yelling curse words at the woman like a psychopath, so she got mad and cursed him right back. The trucker guy got even angrier and aggressively slammed the woman with his truck’s passenger door, which knocked her down to the ground so hard that the back of her head started losing blood. So I quickly deployed my walkie-talkie with me and needed everyone’s help with the unconscious white-haired woman on the ground out on the parking lot, and then everyone rushed to help her up and placed her on a chair so that they can use medical supplies to heal her bleeding wounds on the back of her head. A police officer came by and the woman described the trucker guy and his diesel truck with an Alaska license plate along with its license plate number to the officer because I didn’t catch the number unfortunately.

Next time I’ll bring my pen and notepad with me so that any vicious outrage goes on at work I’ll simply write down the license plate number of the attacker’s vehicle. So yeah, at first he gave me a compliment about my work that I’ve been doing. But it turn outs, he’s an absolute monster who should be tossed in prison for assaulting a woman. Other than that, my work day has been pretty good and busy.

That is all. Goodnight.

Thursday Summer Nightmare Open Thread

I’m sorry for not posting yesterday once again. Anyways, I survived another day in hell on a nice summer day today after pushing some shopping carts outside a local store, throwing away trash that got scattered around the parking lot because the wind kept blowing them around, and I even found a one dollar bill that got left behind and then turned in to the service desk for 30 days if nobody claims it. I hope everyone reading this Open Thread is also having a hot sunny day.

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!

First Day of the Month Open Thread

I decided to take a break from doing my latest project in SFM for right now because I got one more day left of my janitorial nightmare shift this week. I’ll plan on finishing up my project such as working on the characters’ movements and the lighting by the time I wake up at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon once I got myself fully ready for the first day of the weekend.

And now for my next trick, I must get everything organized and ready for work so that I can try stay on top of my own game.

Something Something Late Night Open Thread

I got a phone call from work yesterday that they wanted me to come in to do some freight, facing and stocking. So far I’ve done a pretty good job working on freight with the food stockroom freight crew, and for doing so I got even more money added to my paycheck of this week. Now I can spend some money to buy myself technical upgrades for my computer if I wanted to, and even some stuff from the Valve store once my PayPal account is all set up.

But in the meantime, I will now go off in a world of Dreamland. Nugeyes!

Monday Morning Open Thread

Sorry for not posting once again yesterday because I ran into an insecure connection error every time I try to go to any of my Slackers site which have the wrong time and date. Either way, I was taking an accidental nap during my weekend when suddenly I got called in from work this week from Sunday through Thursday. So now I got about 40 hours of work time this week, which means I’ll have a huge amount of money in the paycheck when I get it on Thursday this week. Oh, and I also spent five bucks on a whole watermelon for my sis after arriving at a local store where I’m currently working. 🙂

And now for my next trick, I will now enter the world of Dreamland as I fall asleep. Feel free to post comments in this open thread while I get some beautiful sleep. 🙂

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