Saturday Open Thread: Drunk and Disorderly

Just after 2 AM I looked out my window and saw police car lights down the street. I went outside and saw some drunk driver being interviewed and later arrested/hauled to jail. The way he was wobbling around there was no way the cop going to let him go. That and he refused to take the sobriety test (he would’ve fallen flat on his face anyway or stuck his finger in his eye). I found out today that he was trying to evade the cops and took the corner too wide, ending up in our neighbors’ front yard head into a power pole. I decided to take a couple pics of the scene of the crime:

Don’t drink and drive, call a cab. This guy’s life is going to be all kinda fucked up right now but at least he didn’t ruin anyone else’s life.

Cinema Open Thread

I decided to go do some Gmod Cinema with Tomala and Yutram for awhile, catching up on some hilarious videos.



We did have a bunch of crazy asshats on the server, and they were saying stupid shit sometimes while they’re requesting stupid annoying videos on the movie screen like the one video with all of the episodes of Seinfeld are playing at the same time, and the Allahu Akbar compilation video. So Tomala and Yutram started trolling them.



I like that one part where Tomala said ‘ALLAHU ASSBAR!’ and then she skipped the Allahu Akbar compilation video. 😛 And I also like the Rick and Morty video that someone put up where Mr. Poopy Butthole is in the office dressed as Stealy, the guy who steals anything. I thought that video was funny. 😛

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