Thursday Summer Nightmare Open Thread

I’m sorry for not posting yesterday once again. Anyways, I survived another day in hell on a nice summer day today after pushing some shopping carts outside a local store, throwing away trash that got scattered around the parking lot because the wind kept blowing them around, and I even found a one dollar bill that got left behind and then turned in to the service desk for 30 days if nobody claims it. I hope everyone reading this Open Thread is also having a hot sunny day.

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!

Flaming Hot Summer Afternoon Open Thread

It was a hot, sunny day today. I have been blowing up stuff in TF2 on a random Double Cross server with bots, and I found some more extra junk as item drops and decided to smelt them into tokens. So now I have 1 class token and 4 slot tokens, and I’m thinking about turning three of the slot tokens into reclaimed metal then save the 4th slot token along with my only class token for later.

After I got done playing TF2, I enjoyed my sub sandwiches from a local restaurant for dinner tonight since I already made my work lunch last night. So we’ll see how this goes during my work days.

Wednesday Evening Open Thread: Steam Summer Sale Edition

I’ve got nothing good to report on other than the Summer Sale is going on right now on Steam. My Dad and I should be able to get enough empty soda pop cans so that either tomorrow or the next day after we can deposit them and receive the money so that I can use that to buy some Steam games that fit me like a glove. 🙂

Open Thread, my friendly Slackers! Feel free to post comments on what Steam games you’d like to get while they’re still on sale.

Some Summer Fun with TF2

Yay! Beer Ice!

I decided to check out some random servers with random people in Team Fortress 2 after doing some offline practice last night:

Heavy goes boom!

I did get a few new items after playing around which I’ve already turned them into scrap metal. Oh, and the best part I have to tell you guys is that I was playing on one of the 2Fort servers as a Spy, and some random guy on the other team as a Medic started healing both me and another Spy who’s on my team. So I tricked the Medic by getting behind him while he’s healing us, and then backstabbing him with my knife. Then he called me a fool after I killed him. Heheh, that will teach him. 😛

Anyways, I sure had some fun blowing up stuff today. 🙂

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