Monday Night Sprite Sheeting Open Thread

I’ve been making a few sprite sheets and uploaded them at The Spriters Resource, a website where you can upload and submit sprite sheets of various things in different games for different systems consoles.

I was uploading a couple of sprites sheets of playing cards from Bicycle Solitaire and Bicycle Poker in the PC/Computer section the other day because nobody ever made any sprite sheets of those. I already submitted them but they haven’t been improved yet, hopefully they’ll come up once my sprite sheets are fully approved.

I also can’t wait for the Steam Summer Sale to begin someday so that I can buy new games and add them to my Steam library.

And The Steam Grand Prix Winner Is…

The racing team that I chose, which is Team Corgi, has managed to get 1st place in the Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale with Team Tortoise in 2nd and Team Hare in 3rd:

I was absolutely amazed to see this. 🙂 After the event was over I decided to redeem most of my tokens that I’ve earned at the event for multiple level-ups from my Steam Grand Prix Badge that I received the other day. So now my badge is at level 40. Go Team Corgi! 😀

Wednesday Evening Open Thread: Steam Summer Sale Edition

I’ve got nothing good to report on other than the Summer Sale is going on right now on Steam. My Dad and I should be able to get enough empty soda pop cans so that either tomorrow or the next day after we can deposit them and receive the money so that I can use that to buy some Steam games that fit me like a glove. 🙂

Open Thread, my friendly Slackers! Feel free to post comments on what Steam games you’d like to get while they’re still on sale.

Testing out my new Steam games

I got my $50 Steam gift card the other day, and I did manage to get Peggle Deluxe and Atari Vault for a total of $11.23 because the Steam Summer Sale is going on.


atarivaultpict (2)

I tested those games out and they both worked fine. 😀 I was thinking about getting the entire Arcade Game Series pack that has Pac-Man, Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man and Dig Dug, but I decided to wait for their prices to drop down.

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