Thursday Summer Nightmare Open Thread

I’m sorry for not posting yesterday once again. Anyways, I survived another day in hell on a nice summer day today after pushing some shopping carts outside a local store, throwing away trash that got scattered around the parking lot because the wind kept blowing them around, and I even found a one dollar bill that got left behind and then turned in to the service desk for 30 days if nobody claims it. I hope everyone reading this Open Thread is also having a hot sunny day.

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!

Monday Morning Open Thread

Sorry for not posting once again yesterday because I ran into an insecure connection error every time I try to go to any of my Slackers site which have the wrong time and date. Either way, I was taking an accidental nap during my weekend when suddenly I got called in from work this week from Sunday through Thursday. So now I got about 40 hours of work time this week, which means I’ll have a huge amount of money in the paycheck when I get it on Thursday this week. Oh, and I also spent five bucks on a whole watermelon for my sis after arriving at a local store where I’m currently working. 🙂

And now for my next trick, I will now enter the world of Dreamland as I fall asleep. Feel free to post comments in this open thread while I get some beautiful sleep. 🙂

Wonderful Wednesday Open Thread

Today was a fairly decent day as usual. I survived yet another day at work earlier this afternoon and I managed to complete my Flamin’ Hot chip trio plus I grabbed some more goodies along the way, then I went to the bank with my father later this evening to deposit my work paychecks (including a bonus paycheck for dealing with COVID-19) after enjoying some turkey salad sandwiches for dinner. Oh, I did get some good compliments today and yesterday from various customers at work that they like my natural blonde hair because they always thought that was beautiful. 🙂

So tomorrow after I get off work I’ll have 2 days off this week plus three more days next week totaling 5 days off which means I can now plan on certain things like trying to beat Pokemon Diamond on my DS Emulator, working on hand drawn artwork, play fun games with my sis Tomala and our friend Yutram, etc.

Sunday Sunday Sunday Night Open Thread!

I’ve been doing some online backpack shopping over at Amazon with my sister Tomala earlier this afternoon, and I found a perfect backpack that can easily fit my gaming laptop, Steam controller case and wired headset. All four of those items are going to be here next week or so, and I did get a lunch box that one of the employees gave me at work along with a free cookie sandwich from another employee. Now I can make sandwiches for lunch and then stick them in my lunch box when it’s time for my lunch break, but I will remember to make them before going to bed on the days that I go to work. I was going to plan on making some artwork today but I was too busy shopping for backpacks and other electronics.

So far that’s three out of six days of work out of the way, and then once I survive the other half of the three days I will plan on going to the bank with my father on Thursday to do my deposit and get myself a debit card. Now let’s hope I can survive my 4th day of work so I that can come up with some new artwork or maybe getting back into making my current comic art project. 🙂

Good Time Friday Open Thread

It was a grey, foggy day today. I received a couple things while I was at work earlier this afternoon. The first thing I got is a paycheck from yesterday that got lost somewhere at work for no apparent reason, and the second thing I got is a $5 off coupon that one of the top bosses gave me. I was very excited about it and what’s even more excited at work today is that I had a new friendly employee who joined me to do some shopping cart sanitation. 🙂

One of these days while I’m off from work I should go to the bank with my father and get me a debit card after depositing our coins so that I won’t have to worry about spending dollar bills out of my wallet. Open thread.

I Got The Monopoly Fever

Been playing an old-school board game Monopoly (not for the PC) with my mother San_San earlier this afternoon since it’s been a long time for the both of us. San_San chose Dog as her game piece because she gets the Dog just about every game on Monopoly, and I went for the Shoe as my game piece. We have been collecting various property assets in hopes of getting a Monopoly, buying houses and hotels, and paying rent money to each other for about an hour. But in the end, I am the winning champion of Monopoly because San_San was on St. James Place and she rolled 7 on the dice and then landed on my red-colored property Indiana Avenue for the third time which she owed me $1,050 for rent with a hotel on the property but she declared bankruptcy because she didn’t have enough money to pay me after she sold her houses and mortgaged all of her properties.

Then I get to put the Monopoly game away as part of my great victory. It sure was fun playing that game. 🙂 Maybe next time we play Monopoly we should con my sister Tomala to join us.

Oh, and speaking of, here’s a picture of a ‘Player Bankrupt’ cutscene from Monopoly for the Game Boy Color but I replaced the Monopoly guy’s pants with a pink skirt and the Monopoly guy’s face with a female face with pink hair and ponytail to make it look like San_San’s face:

Credit goes to Nintendo and Parker Brothers for the ‘Player Bankrupt’ cutscene picture.

Yep, it sure was fun being a good thousandaire in this game. 🙂

Wednesday Evening Open Thread: Steam Summer Sale Edition

I’ve got nothing good to report on other than the Summer Sale is going on right now on Steam. My Dad and I should be able to get enough empty soda pop cans so that either tomorrow or the next day after we can deposit them and receive the money so that I can use that to buy some Steam games that fit me like a glove. 🙂

Open Thread, my friendly Slackers! Feel free to post comments on what Steam games you’d like to get while they’re still on sale.

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