Tuesday Night Open Thread

I’ve been doing some vacuuming upstairs in the apparel department at a local store for the last couple nights since the White Glove inspection is due yesterday, I even did the store manager’s office and the director’s office. So far I’ve gotten every single section taken care of for those two nights, now I just need to get ready to go to work so I can do my regular cleaning.

So, g’night everyone… until I meet again.

I drew a Cleaning Janitorial Cat

It’s been a while since I posted some hand drawn artwork. Here’s my latest picture that I drew for tonight:

It was a cat in a janitor’s uniform with a wet mop he’s holding. The reason why is because I have been assigned on a new job at work the other day which is programming the cleaning robot and use a dust mop on areas where the cleaning robot can’t get into.

Good Time Friday Open Thread

It was a grey, foggy day today. I received a couple things while I was at work earlier this afternoon. The first thing I got is a paycheck from yesterday that got lost somewhere at work for no apparent reason, and the second thing I got is a $5 off coupon that one of the top bosses gave me. I was very excited about it and what’s even more excited at work today is that I had a new friendly employee who joined me to do some shopping cart sanitation. 🙂

One of these days while I’m off from work I should go to the bank with my father and get me a debit card after depositing our coins so that I won’t have to worry about spending dollar bills out of my wallet. Open thread.

Some More Apocalyptic Disinfectening!

My apologies for not posting yesterday because I’ve been too tired to write about something. I managed to survive two days at work in a row this week, and all they wanted me to do is to disinfect the handles from the shopping carts individually while politely greeting customers who walk into the store to grab shopping carts and/or hand baskets, go get some coffee, etc.

So far everything is going quite smooth and now I got the next two days off which are tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I did get some chewy Airheads candy yesterday from one employee who was being nice to me, and I also got a slice of chocolate peanut butter cake from another nice employee. Here’s a picture of my slice of cake:

I did thank them both for giving me that and the chewy candy. 🙂 I’ll be planning on making some GMod pixel art either this evening or tomorrow if I have the urge to do that now that I’m off from work for the next two days.

Some More Blocky Pixel Art

Survived another great day at work earlier this afternoon. I’ve been disinfecting shopping carts, hand rails from the stairs and escalators, and freezer door handles while helping a few customers by giving something that they can’t reach but I can because I have long arms. After I got home from work I received a paycheck for $36.45 in it. I will get another paycheck next week, but this time it’ll a big amount.

Oh, I forgot to put up my new block art yesterday because I’ve been too busy doing things. Here are the screenshots of my block art:

Monday Afternoon Open Thread

I survived my first of work at local store in town this afternoon. I’ve been doing some online computer training and trying to jump through hoops while answering some questions that confuse the heck out of me in various online quizzes but took me a few tries to get them all figured out. Then once that’s all done I went to go do some disinfecting on the shopping carts with a couple friendly employees who are also disinfecting shopping carts while greeting some people who walked into the store, and by the time I got done doing my work I had some leftover macaroni and cheese in the break room with my mother San_San after letting her know that I’m done working for the day.

So everything worked out quite well today. Oh, and I did get to meet some good employees including the ones that do the shopping cart disinfection to stop germs from making people sick and also stop COVID-19 from killing them. 🙂

Open thread.

The Ceramic Bowl Incident with a cute Morty pic

My family and I had some chili and corn muffins for dinner this evening after our home inspection is a success, and while I was having my second round of dinner I heard one of my sister Tomala’s ceramic bowls fall off the top of our microwave in the kitchen, landed on the kitchen table causing the bowl to shatter into bits and pieces. So we got up the broom and dustpan to clean up all the tiny ceramic shards by using the broom to sweep them into the dustpan and then straight into the trash. It appears that all the ceramic bowls were stacked in awkward positions according to my dad.

Anyways, here is a nice cat pic from last month of this handsome little guy being a couch weasel:

Extreme Housecleaning Open Thread with some Bawderlands Dos gaming fun

I’ve got nothing much to blog about this evening. I’ve been doing some housecleaning lately since our landlord is coming over tomorrow at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon just to inspect inside our house to see if anything looks clean. I got all the dusting and carpet brushing out of the way, and I also wiped down my computer desk after giving it a good dusting. So now we just need to do a few more chores around the house such as clean the bathrooms and wipe up any dirty spots on the kitchen floor then it’ll be good to go.

Either way, I was playing some more Borderlands 2 lately and I got myself some more latest weaponry after spending a buttload of keys over at Sanctuary, and I also found a brand new Commando skin customization from a dead chubby spiderant located in The Dust:

I tried out that skin color customization on my Commando character and it looked quite fantastic. 🙂

Family Van Bath Time

I’ve been helping out my father washing and rinsing our family van this evening after our roof has been fixed earlier this afternoon. We used rags and soapy water to wash the van and also its tires, then my father used the garden hose to rinse it off afterwards so that he can dry it off by taking it out on the road for a while. So now we have a clean van and it’ll be ready to be applied with a fresh coat of Carnauba wax either tomorrow or the next day after depending on how good the weather is.

And now for no reason at all here’s a picture of another beautifully colorful sunset that was taken a few days ago:

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