Family Van Bath Time

I’ve been helping out my father washing and rinsing our family van this evening after our roof has been fixed earlier this afternoon. We used rags and soapy water to wash the van and also its tires, then my father used the garden hose to rinse it off afterwards so that he can dry it off by taking it out on the road for a while. So now we have a clean van and it’ll be ready to be applied with a fresh coat of Carnauba wax either tomorrow or the next day after depending on how good the weather is.

And now for no reason at all here’s a picture of another beautifully colorful sunset that was taken a few days ago:

Saturday Evening Open Thread with some TF2 shenanigans

Today was a really nice day this evening. I’ve been brushing and vacuuming the carpets inside our family van earlier this afternoon while my father was out back with the weed wacker after I got done pulling up some weeds and picking up some fallen leaves back there. So now we got the carpets in our van and the van mats all cleaned up for the day. Then we enjoyed some roasted chicken with a side of green beans and salad as a celebration for getting our yard work and van work done for the day. 🙂

After I got done eating dinner with my family I went to go visit one of my Steam friends who was on a TF2 community server for a little while, and then I go to a ctf_doublecross server just to go have fun neutralizing enemies and guarding the team intelligence in the progress:

Yeah, I’ve had a great time annihilating intelligence-carrying enemies on Capture The Flag. 🙂

Last Open Thread of the Month

I have managed to complete my nature-related collection earlier this afternoon after pulling up some unwanted weeds and fake grass out back especially the ones from yesterday that my father mowed down some tall grass with the weed wacker. It was a collection of seeding dandelion puffballs that I carefully stored them all in my small rectangular wooden box without knocking the parachute seeds loose, and so far I counted a total of 24 puffballs. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about:

So now I’ve got a good batch of white fuzzy puffy bubbles in a box. 😛 Anyways, my family and I enjoyed some delicious hot dogs that my mother cooked up for dinner since we had hamburgers for yesterday’s dinner. My compliments to the chef that hot dogs and hamburgers are both exquisitively delicious as long as they’re homemade. 🙂

After I got done eating dinner I went down in the garage to help my father mount two fittings from under the Mustang while I move to the passenger’s side of it and turn the tubes to the right several times in order to complete the process. Either way, we got all that car work done and out of the way for the night.

Open Thread! Have at it, ppl!

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