Saturday Evening Open Thread with some TF2 shenanigans

Today was a really nice day this evening. I’ve been brushing and vacuuming the carpets inside our family van earlier this afternoon while my father was out back with the weed wacker after I got done pulling up some weeds and picking up some fallen leaves back there. So now we got the carpets in our van and the van mats all cleaned up for the day. Then we enjoyed some roasted chicken with a side of green beans and salad as a celebration for getting our yard work and van work done for the day. 🙂

After I got done eating dinner with my family I went to go visit one of my Steam friends who was on a TF2 community server for a little while, and then I go to a ctf_doublecross server just to go have fun neutralizing enemies and guarding the team intelligence in the progress:

Yeah, I’ve had a great time annihilating intelligence-carrying enemies on Capture The Flag. 🙂

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