Last Open Thread of the Month

I have managed to complete my nature-related collection earlier this afternoon after pulling up some unwanted weeds and fake grass out back especially the ones from yesterday that my father mowed down some tall grass with the weed wacker. It was a collection of seeding dandelion puffballs that I carefully stored them all in my small rectangular wooden box without knocking the parachute seeds loose, and so far I counted a total of 24 puffballs. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about:

So now I’ve got a good batch of white fuzzy puffy bubbles in a box. 😛 Anyways, my family and I enjoyed some delicious hot dogs that my mother cooked up for dinner since we had hamburgers for yesterday’s dinner. My compliments to the chef that hot dogs and hamburgers are both exquisitively delicious as long as they’re homemade. 🙂

After I got done eating dinner I went down in the garage to help my father mount two fittings from under the Mustang while I move to the passenger’s side of it and turn the tubes to the right several times in order to complete the process. Either way, we got all that car work done and out of the way for the night.

Open Thread! Have at it, ppl!

Workin’ in the Garage (again)

I’ve been helping out my Dad in the garage lately. We were rearranging stuff around to make new piles of stuff to maximize free space for our lawn mower that was last used back at our old house nearly twelve years ago, then after Dad used bug spray to kill ants we moved our blue and purple containers next to our old rocking chair.

Either way, I’m glad that’s out of the way. It sure was nice to help out another person to get the job done, especially if another person is my Dad. 🙂

Monday Evening Open Thread: Garage Door Fix-It

Yesterday I was helping my Dad fix the garage door because one of the steel cables snapped off from the right side because of the wet rain, so Dad has to pull it down while I lift it up in order to open it or close it.

But luckily, Dad brought some new steel cables from a hardware store so he can change out the old ones and replace them with the new ones. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the broken steel cable, I wish I could have but I was too busy getting the work done, which is good actually. 🙂

Sunday Garage Wood Work Open Thread

I’ve been doing some wood sawing in the garage lately with the help of my dad. He needed me to get this done so he can use the bandsaw to cut the pieces of wood into wooden arcs. I snapped a picture of them right here:

He’s gonna be using them to put together an outdoor decoration for a house owned by a friendly person whose friends with some friend of ours. Either way, it was a really good wood sawing workout. It helps me build stronger muscles. 🙂

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