Sunday Sunday Sunday Night Open Thread!

I’ve been doing some online backpack shopping over at Amazon with my sister Tomala earlier this afternoon, and I found a perfect backpack that can easily fit my gaming laptop, Steam controller case and wired headset. All four of those items are going to be here next week or so, and I did get a lunch box that one of the employees gave me at work along with a free cookie sandwich from another employee. Now I can make sandwiches for lunch and then stick them in my lunch box when it’s time for my lunch break, but I will remember to make them before going to bed on the days that I go to work. I was going to plan on making some artwork today but I was too busy shopping for backpacks and other electronics.

So far that’s three out of six days of work out of the way, and then once I survive the other half of the three days I will plan on going to the bank with my father on Thursday to do my deposit and get myself a debit card. Now let’s hope I can survive my 4th day of work so I that can come up with some new artwork or maybe getting back into making my current comic art project. πŸ™‚

Good Time Friday Open Thread

It was a grey, foggy day today. I received a couple things while I was at work earlier this afternoon. The first thing I got is a paycheck from yesterday that got lost somewhere at work for no apparent reason, and the second thing I got is a $5 off coupon that one of the top bosses gave me. I was very excited about it and what’s even more excited at work today is that I had a new friendly employee who joined me to do some shopping cart sanitation. πŸ™‚

One of these days while I’m off from work I should go to the bank with my father and get me a debit card after depositing our coins so that I won’t have to worry about spending dollar bills out of my wallet. Open thread.

The Great Underground Treasure Hunt

I found the red spheres.

Yesterday I decided to get out my Explorer Kit to go underground treasure hunting in Pokemon Diamond, and so far I managed to find a huge mound of colorful spheres, some fossils, and other kinds of treasure while disarming some traps along the way. I also spent some spheres to a Hiker who’s giving out Secret Room Goods and got myself a giant Snorlax doll and a Research Shelf. Sweet! πŸ˜€

And what I like about the Underground is the treasured plates of some Pokemon types that boosts the power of some attack moves. Here’s a few of them that I’ve found:

Mind Plate (Psychic-type)

Iron Plate (Steel-type)

Splash Plate (Water-type)

Either way, it was a lot of fun trying to dig up the underground treasures. πŸ™‚

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