Extreme Housecleaning Open Thread with some Bawderlands Dos gaming fun

I’ve got nothing much to blog about this evening. I’ve been doing some housecleaning lately since our landlord is coming over tomorrow at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon just to inspect inside our house to see if anything looks clean. I got all the dusting and carpet brushing out of the way, and I also wiped down my computer desk after giving it a good dusting. So now we just need to do a few more chores around the house such as clean the bathrooms and wipe up any dirty spots on the kitchen floor then it’ll be good to go.

Either way, I was playing some more Borderlands 2 lately and I got myself some more latest weaponry after spending a buttload of keys over at Sanctuary, and I also found a brand new Commando skin customization from a dead chubby spiderant located in The Dust:

I tried out that skin color customization on my Commando character and it looked quite fantastic. 🙂

Sunday House Cleaning Open Thread

My family and I were doing some extreme house cleaning this evening because we wanted our house to be really tidy so that the inside of our house doesn’t look too messy when we get back from our road trip. I’ve been cleaning up the kitchen floor, plus I brushed the carpets in the upstairs hallway and my bedroom.

I think I’ll focus on brushing the carpets in our living room tomorrow so that Papa Smurf can hit them with the vacuum. So right now I still got laundry that needed to be caught up once I’ve done all my fun stuff. Oh, and speaking of laundry, I should consider washing my bedding tomorrow because I don’t want dirty smelly bedding before I leave on our road trip with my family.

Thursday Afternoon Open Thread: Movin’ on up!

San_San and I went to go see our friendly family member this afternoon to help move stuff from their old house and shed to their new house and then clean their old house up afterwards. After we got our job done over there, Papa Smurf and I went to a lumber yard and picked up some 2×4 wood so that he can work on them by drilling a few screws in proper positions, saw a few of them in half, etc.

Then after we went home we had some delicious chicken quesadillas for dinner. It was delicious

Either way, it sure was nice to see our friendly elderly family members once again. 🙂 Open thread!

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