Let’s Talk About Some Acey Deucy

I was playing an old Windows game a couple years ago called Acey Deucy (a.k.a. Red Dog or In Between). It’s a casino game in which the player bets that the third card flipped will be between the first two in value. Here’s a screenshot of the gameplay:

To play this game, the player first places a bet and the dealer flips two cards. The player is then given the option to raise their bet and the third card is flipped. The player wins if the third card is in between the first two, but if the third card is not in between then the player loses.

I’d say this is an OK casino game, but I think I’ll stick with Caesars Palace.

Current Gaming Mood: Super Video Poker

Last night I played some Super Video Poker for Windows. It’s an old shareware game based on the popular video poker machines found in many casinos. Here’s what the gameplay of Super Video Poker looks like:

In this game, you start off with the default number of credits which is 200 and the objective is to win more credits by getting the best hands possible. I’d say this game is fun to play, and what I like about this game are the features in it such as animations and sound effects, game save/restore, video poker game variations, etc.

10 stars out of 10! 🙂

Current Gaming Mood: Smoke ’em Poker

I’ve been playing an old Windows 3.1 game under DOSBox called Smoke ’em Poker. It’s a card game where you play against up to 5 opponents simulated by the computer. This is what the actual gameplay looks like:

The main objective in this card game is to defeat all of your opponents in order to win the game:

I’d say this is a really fun card game to play, and what I like about this are the quotes from old-school movies and TV shows as sound files corresponding to current situations. What I also like about this game is there’s a feature that you can save your game during your progress. Awesome!

Anyways, I’ll play this some more and then off to something new (old). 😛

Enjoy Some More Sprite Sheets

Last night I’ve been having fun with some MS-DOS games such as Poker Galore and Blackjack Plus, and I thought I’d rip two sprite sheets of playing cards that I’ve taken from both games:

These playing cards are from Poker Galore.

And these ones are from Blackjack Plus.

Now I’m at the point where I must take a break from sprite sheeting… for now.

And now for sumthin’ completely diff’rent

I was recently in a mood to play an old DOS game called Clock Solitaire. It’s a card game where you’ve got cards forming a circle as if they’re numbers on the clock with an extra pull pile in the middle of the circle, and the objective is to complete all other four-of-a-kind sets before the fourth king is revealed in order to win the game:

I finally managed to beat the game of Clock Solitaire and I celebrated my victory by snagging all the playing cards from that game, making a sprite sheet out of them so that it can be uploaded to The Spriters Resource:

Anyways, it was a fun game but extremely difficult to win.

Dancing in the Sprite Sheets

I’ve been working a sprite sheet of playing cards from the Game Boy version of Caesars Palace last night, and I thought I’d show you people what I’m talking about:

The reason why is because nobody has published that sprite sheet in the Spriters Resource website, so I decided to do it myself. And now I play the waiting game while I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. 🙂

I’m aiming for 500!

I found an old Windows 3.1 card game last month called 500. It’s kinda like Bridge but with different features like the Joker card, different bidding rules, and there’s Misère which is a bid in which I have to lose every single trick in order to make the bid (250 for Closing Misère, and 500 for Open Misère). Here’s a picture of the game looks like:

I somehow managed to make the bid of Open Misère and win the game against the opposing computer team in a single round. Hooray! (Of course, who knows how difficult it was programmed to be!)

This game is alright but definitely not my cup of tea. What sucks about this game is that there’s a notice that makes you wait for 10 seconds, and after playing this game for a two-week trial period I have to pay for it. I’ll have to take a look at Windows files to see if I can figure out how they limit the game.

After the game is over it gives you the results:

Play this some more and then off to something new (old). 😛

Have my latest sprite sheet for tonight

I apologize for not posting last couple days ago because I’ve been too tired to come up with something to post. Either way, I will now show you my latest sprite sheet for tonight:

It was a sprite sheet of playing cards from Bridge in the Mind Games Entertainment Pack under Windows 3.11, so now I just need to make one last touch-up before I upload this sprite sheet in The Spriters Resource since nobody ever made a sprite sheet of this. But I’ll have to wait on that until tomorrow to do so because I’ve been too busy doing chores around the house since our landlord is going to be here to repair the windows of our house. So until then, goodnight and have yourselves a beautiful rest. 🙂

Face Creator Glitches in Ultimate Card Games

I have been making new characters with the Face Creator in Ultimate Card Games for the Game Boy Advance on my VisualBoyAdvance emulator last year. I was modifying some things for a various character when suddenly their face becomes glitched and multicolored for some strange reason. Here are a few screenshots of what happened to the characters’ faces after the glitch occurred:

I find that really weird every time that happened. 😛

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