Flaming Hot Summer Afternoon Open Thread

It was a hot, sunny day today. I have been blowing up stuff in TF2 on a random Double Cross server with bots, and I found some more extra junk as item drops and decided to smelt them into tokens. So now I have 1 class token and 4 slot tokens, and I’m thinking about turning three of the slot tokens into reclaimed metal then save the 4th slot token along with my only class token for later.

After I got done playing TF2, I enjoyed my sub sandwiches from a local restaurant for dinner tonight since I already made my work lunch last night. So we’ll see how this goes during my work days.

Tuesday Road Trip Open Thread

Today was a nice day. My family and I went out on another Coos Bay road trip to go grab some clam chowder, fish and chips at a restaurant called The Crazy Norwegian. That stuff is extremely finger-licking delicious. 🙂 Oh, while we were heading back to our homestead, we pulled over and I got out my camcorder and took nice pictures of a great sunset at the beach and a boat out on the water:

So anyways, our really long road trip went well as always. 😀

Technical Difficulties

There wasn’t much to report today. We had two power outages last night because of the strong storms. I switched off the computer tower because the lights were starting to flicker, and obviously the internet was down due to the power outages, and then the radio decided to go dead for a while.

Our cat Stewie is afraid of storms, so Papa Smurf turned on the dehumidifier and the entertainment center radio so that Stewie would be happy to listen to the noises. Oh, and speaking of Stewie. I snapped a cute pic of him the other day:

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