Swap ’em up and Drop ’em down

Today was a nice sunny day. Earlier this afternoon I was playing a Roku game on the TV known as Color Swap ‘n Drop. It’s a Tetris-based game where the objective is to line up 3 or more colored squares either in a vertically, horizontally and diagonally pattern while swapping and dropping random multicolored blocks. And the game will end when the stacks of blocks reach all way to the top. I’ve been sitting on the couch in the living room playing that game for about two and a half hours, and I successfully managed to get a new high score of 3200 points. I felt so amazed when I got a huge score like that. 😀

Oh, and what I like about the game is that it has the Top 5 high score leader board, which I find that quite interesting:

I gotta admit, this is one of my best Roku games of all time. 🙂

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