Even More Minecraft-ish Pixel Art Shenanigans

I’ve been uploading some more GMod block art on Steam lately. Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve making for tonight:

I made an 8-bit portrait of Mona Lisa and a red diamond which is used as one of the four card suits. I’ll plan on creating and uploading more pixel art by the time I got done taking a shower after getting off work at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon.


Been building some 8-bit pixel art in GMod lately after eating pizza for dinner this evening. I decided to make a Galaga boss mothership and a cocktail drink:

Tomorrow I will be heading off to work to do some overtime on more shopping cart sanitizing instead of taking my 2nd day off because one of the shopping cart sanitation employees decided not to go to work. However, I’ll be making more money while seriously working overtime once everything goes well. 🙂

Another round of building block artwork

Sorry for no blog post yesterday because I was distracted by my paperwork after my job orientation was a success. Either way, I’ve been making some more block art in GMod. This first one is an enemy spaceship from an old arcade game Galaxian:

And this one is a Blinky the red ghost from the Pac-Man series:

I also made three more Pac-Man ghosts which are Pinky (in pink), Inky (in cyan) and Clyde (in orange) but I wait on uploading those three until either tomorrow or the next day because I only uploaded a couple of them on Steam. Feel free to check them out and give them a thumbs up, mates.

Enjoy my latest building block artwork

I’ve been creating some more building block pixel art in GMod lately. Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve been making:

It was an 8-bit traffic light with three colored lights. Press the R key to toggle the red light, the Y key to toggle the yellow light, and the G key to toggle the green light.

I forgot to publish it from the GMod workshop yesterday because I was too busy working on my comic art project. Either way, feel free to click on the link here to check it out on Steam.

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