Another good round of Adobe Illustratifying Artworkification

I forgot to put something up yesterday. I’ve been messing around with more of Adobe Illustrator, and I used my Wacom tablet to draw my own version of Azalea from the Mario Golf series:

The whole story behind this artwork is Azalea conquering the Blue Moon on her outer space journey after decapitating two alien invaders with her katana. 🙂

I Heart Shiny Pokémans

Sorry for not posting yesterday because I’ve been getting too tired to blog about something. Anyways, I’ve been playing some more Pokémon Diamond and guess what I found while leveling up my Pokémans?

It was a Pelipper, which is a 3rd generation evolution Pokémon of Wingull, but it’s a shiny one because it has three green digits on each of its wings instead of blue. Its feet with three webbed digits are also green instead of blue.

I felt so excited after catching that shiny creature. 🙂

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new Pokémon League Champion!

Last night I finally managed to beat Pokémon Diamond after reaching my way to the Hall of Fame after defeating the Sinnoh Elite Four members and their Champion. 🙂

My six Pokémon that made their way to the Hall of Fame are Sub-Zero the Weavile, Tomala the Crobat, Morty the Floatzel, Jenny the Luxray, Beavis the Rapidash, and last but certainly not least is my starter Pokémon Donatello the Torterra.

I was so excited after being victorious in this game, and I enjoyed the credits while listening to the credits theme song. Oh, and I what I like about both this and Pokémon Pearl is it shows the word ‘Fin’ (which means ‘End’ in French) after finishing the credits which I find that quite interesting.

And now for no strange reason here’s a Pokémon that I caught on the 20th day of April in the year of 2020:

Some Old-School Mario Kart Karnage

I found this Game Boy Advance ROM game at that I remembered playing when I was a kid. It’s called Mario Kart Super Circuit, a game where you’ll compete against the other racers as you race around the tracks while grabbing mystery boxes that contains various power-ups like red and green turtle shells, mushrooms and stars:

Yay! 1st Place Photo Finish! XD

My lap stats after I finished the race.

I gotta say, this is a super fun Mario racing game. 🙂

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