Some Moar Serious Sam Shenanigans

I’ve been playing some Serious Sam Fusion 2017 lately, and I have made my way past the Moon Mountains, the Oasis and the Dunes after fighting a bunch of monsters and obtaining the Water element in the First Encounter:

So now I’m in the Suburbs of Memphis after collecting all four elements, where I must know how to find and activate the Sirian Spaceship. It was a lot of fun being serious like Sam, hopefully I can reach the Sewers without getting killed by monsters, obstacles, etc. 😉

It’s time to get serious!

After I played a bit of Serious Sam Fusion 2017 the other night, I created a Serious Sam collection in Scribblenauts. It has the main character plus some monsters and a few weapons. Click here to look at the collection. So far I have obtained three out of four elements and discovered a secret portal that teleports me to the secret door which leads me to Moon Mountains in the first encounter:

I think I’ll tear into this game some more whenever I feel like getting serious.

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