Typical day of my nightmare shift

Ladies and gentlemen, I will now tell you a story that I wanted to share with all of you. At around 2pm in the afternoon while I pushing shopping carts around the parking lot when suddenly a woman with long, white hair got my attention and asked me if I could ask the trucker guy if he could move his black diesel truck over to a different parking spot because his truck’s blocking her parking space in which I’m kinda iffy about it and refused to do so. So, the white-haired woman went up to the trucker guy and asked him to move his truck to free up some of the parking space for her. But problems arise when the trucker guy lost it and started angrily yelling curse words at the woman like a psychopath, so she got mad and cursed him right back. The trucker guy got even angrier and aggressively slammed the woman with his truck’s passenger door, which knocked her down to the ground so hard that the back of her head started losing blood. So I quickly deployed my walkie-talkie with me and needed everyone’s help with the unconscious white-haired woman on the ground out on the parking lot, and then everyone rushed to help her up and placed her on a chair so that they can use medical supplies to heal her bleeding wounds on the back of her head. A police officer came by and the woman described the trucker guy and his diesel truck with an Alaska license plate along with its license plate number to the officer because I didn’t catch the number unfortunately.

Next time I’ll bring my pen and notepad with me so that any vicious outrage goes on at work I’ll simply write down the license plate number of the attacker’s vehicle. So yeah, at first he gave me a compliment about my work that I’ve been doing. But it turn outs, he’s an absolute monster who should be tossed in prison for assaulting a woman. Other than that, my work day has been pretty good and busy.

That is all. Goodnight.


I like to blog about certain games that I like to play. I also blog about cats, art, gaming and other things in life.
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    I like to blog about certain games that I like to play. I also blog about cats, art and other things in life.

    — Alxala