Belated Thanksgiving Open Thread

My apologies for not writing last couple days ago because I was too tired to come up with something Thanksgiving-themed, and also because I’ve been too busy working on my yet another artwork project on SFM which is a group of female Pokemon Trainers meet the Combine soldiers as they get to know each other and what-not, and it’s now halfway finished because I need to work on some stuff in the project such as the characters’ body posing, lighting and camera angles. I think I’ll take a break from doing that for right now and plan on continuing my SFM project tomorrow at some time in the afternoon before going back to my evil nightmare shift for the next two days this week.

So until then, feel free to post comments here for your latest mouthwords.

Monday Evening Open Thread: Happy Labor Day!

There’s nothing big going on this evening. It was a nice and sunny here, and we enjoyed some delicious cheeseburgers for dinner along with a side of mashed potatoes and corn-on-the-cob. Oh, last week after getting my paycheck at a local store I went to a local Starbucks cafe and bought myself a Mango Dragonfruit refresher drink. I don’t have picture of it unfortunately, but it was a tasty beverage to have. I’m thinking about getting a Kiwi Starfruit refresher drink the next time I head over to the Starbucks cafe.

Since tomorrow is the day I’m heading back to work I’ll plan on do some more shopping for things if I got enough time to do so. And now for no strange reason, I will now show you my latest animated GIF from GMod before I head off to get some sleep:

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