Monday Evening Open Thread: Happy Labor Day!

There’s nothing big going on this evening. It was a nice and sunny here, and we enjoyed some delicious cheeseburgers for dinner along with a side of mashed potatoes and corn-on-the-cob. Oh, last week after getting my paycheck at a local store I went to a local Starbucks cafe and bought myself a Mango Dragonfruit refresher drink. I don’t have picture of it unfortunately, but it was a tasty beverage to have. I’m thinking about getting a Kiwi Starfruit refresher drink the next time I head over to the Starbucks cafe.

Since tomorrow is the day I’m heading back to work I’ll plan on do some more shopping for things if I got enough time to do so. And now for no strange reason, I will now show you my latest animated GIF from GMod before I head off to get some sleep:

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