Happy Birthday 2 Meh!

My family and I chowed down on some spaghetti along with the garlic bread and salad for dinner on my birthday, and we had some delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Here’s the picture of my birthday cake:

That was some dinner and birthday dessert. 🙂 I decided to celebrate my birthday by coming back to the old-school Tomb Raider. After finding the lead bars and killing about a dozen gorillas scattered around in different areas I have found a giant statue of Midas and a huge hand that turns me into gold when I’m top of it:

So far I have turned two of the lead bars into gold bars by using the huge golden hand. I still need to search for the third and final lead bar which should be around somewhere in this level.

Anyways, my birthday is going excellent tonight. 🙂

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