Have a TF2 Screenshot of the Day

I was playing around some random community servers with bots in TF2 lately, and I took this screenshot of a dead scout who somehow got his legs stuck in something next to the stairs after he died:

Turns out I still got a lot of work to do on my latest SFM project such as the lighting, camera angling and character posing but I think I’ll wait on doing that until my weekend begins because I got two straight rounds of my nightmare shift of the week to do.

Have some animated game pics

I forgot to put up my first two animated GIFs that I made the other day. This first one is me as Scout performing a taunt-kill on an enemy scout who’s playing his bongo drums in TF2:

And then here’s this animated pic from Metro 2033 of a drunk enemy bandit opening the door and then get shot in the head:

Credit goes to Twitch streamer AlwaysUnreal for the streaming gameplay footage.

I used OBS Studio and Microsoft PowerPoint to record them and then use Shotcut to save them as animated GIFs.

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