Latest TF2 Hat Drop of the Day

Been playing around some TF2 lately, and guess what I got as a random item drop?

This Medic cosmetic consists of dark brown wavy hair with a large beige headband and a small team-colored headband that was worn around it. Now I just need to figure out what paint tool I should use for it. Probably gonna paint it Aged Moustache Grey if my PayPal account is all set up so that I can purchase the paint tool in the Steam market.

Have a Dead Doc

Been playing some more TF2 lately, and I took a screenshot of dead Medic standing up on a wall while I was killing enemies on a 2Fort community server since there’s not a whole lot to blog about today:

The way that Medic looks like he’s really down on his luck after I killed him. 😛

Meet the Hand Drawn Heavy-Medic Combo

I forgot to put up my new artwork this evening because I was enjoying some store-brand pizza for dinner with my family. Either way, here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

It was a hand drawn picture of Officer Russell, an unconventional Russian police officer, and Nurse Janice, a female doctor who falls in love with Russell.

The reason why I put them up is because they’re based on my current Heavy and Medic loadouts in TF2.

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