Have My Handsome Dragon Pokémon

I’ve been playing a bit of Pokémon Diamond this evening, and I decided to dress up my fellow Pokémon who turns out to be an earthy dragon:

Fangz the Garchomp

Yep, Fangz sure is ablaze with glittery passion. 😛 Oh, and here’s an additional bonus before I sign off for tonight:

This is my sprite sheet of the Nintendo DS game icons for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Anyways, that is all.

Saturday Afternoon Fashion Roundup, Pokémon-Style

I’ve been defeating more enemy trainers in Pokémon Diamond this afternoon, and here’s a couple pics of my handsomely fashioned Rock-type buddies nicknamed after the enemies from Quake II:

Icarus the Aerodactyl

Enforcer the Rampardos

And speaking of, I’m looking forward to playing Quake II for the Nintendo 64 on my Project64 emulator someday in the future before I get my hands on the remastered version of the game.

Pokémon Diamond Dress Up Roundup

I was playing a little bit of Pokémon Diamond after some more sprite sheet ripping shenanigans. Here’s a water-type Pokémon dressed in fashion accessories:

Neptune the Vaporeon, named after the god of water and the sea in ancient Roman mythology.

He is also named after King Neptune, so that’s why he has a white mustache and beard and he wears a crown on his head. 🙂

Poisoned With Fashion In Pokémon Diamond

Ladies and gentlemen, I will now show you my fashion accessorized Poison-type Pokémon friends in Pokémon Diamond:

Sareena the Grimer, whose nicknamed after a female demonic character from the Mortal Kombat series.

Emphysema the Koffing. She’s nicknamed after an extremely deadly disease from smoking.

Yep, I sure love those beautifully sludgy critters of mine. 😛

Have My Top Percentage of Raticate

I will now show you my latest fashion accessorized partner from Pokémon Diamond for tonight:

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you to Joey the Raticate. He’s nicknamed after Youngster Joey from Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver. He was a Rattata when I first met him, and he’s considered to be “the top percentage of Rattata”.


But yeah, Joey is my handsome rodent who can handle just about any weak enemy Pokémon with his moves such as Quick Attack, Hyper Fang and Giga Impact. Why? Because he doesn’t need to be super-effective against them. 😀

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