In tonight’s post: Combine Lampoon’s Pokémon Vacation

Success! I have completed my latest SFM artwork project of a group of Pokémon Trainers meeting the Combine soldiers and a friendly zombified Gold Gibus Soldier with a head of a watermelon in a cartoonish city, and I decided to make two new Pokemon trainers which are Ruby (a female trainer in red and white) and Amanda (a female trainer in black and blue).


More SFM artwork projects will be uploaded shortly as soon as they’re completely verified. 🙂

Happy Halloween and enjoy some SFM stuff

Happy Halloween to all you Slackers! I didn’t have any SFM project that’s related to Halloween but I did make random SFM projects, and here are a couple things that I’ve been working on:

This first one is Gloria and Victor, the two Pokémon trainers from Pokémon Sword and Shield, being greeted and loved by two friendly Combine soldiers at a random school. Gloria falls in love with the white Combine soldier while Victor becomes friends with a regular Combine soldier. 😛

And this next project is my own female Pokémon trainer character happily loving the disco balls inside a sauna after being teleported to that location and magically transformed from Princess Anna to Gloria the Pokémon trainer. I think I’ll plan on making more SFM projects whenever I can come up with something that’s both nice and cartoonish.

Time for a new GMod background photo

I uploaded my latest GMod artwork for tonight on Steam. It was me happily hugging a Combine Elite soldier wearing a shiny red soldier helmet inside a Japanese high school:

The reason why is because the Combine Elite are my most favorite kind of Combine soldiers in the Half-Life 2 series. Oh, and what I like about them are their white helmets with a single red ocular lens and two small domes located where the ears of the soldier would be, their stylistic white uniforms with neck guards, and their slick black boots that they’re all wearing. I also like the insignias from the chest, the left arm sleeve and the uniform’s neck guard.

I’m Still GModding Around

Sorry for not posting anything for the last couple days because there was nothing much going on in my world. Anyways, I’ve been playing around some GMod lately, and I decided to use one of my GMod screenshots to make it out of a ‘Welcome To My Profile’ artwork for my Steam profile:

I already uploaded this picture on Steam if you Slackers want to check it out from there.

Gorgeous Freeman Does Black Mesa

I found this third episode of Gorgeous Freeman where he takes on more Willsons, meeting a guy named Frank and his Vortigaunt friend named Vorty, and causing trouble in Black Mesa:

My most favorite parts are him using his suit as a hoverboard to surf across the water, his Pootis alarm clock, and Frank saying ‘That’s a big butt!’ as he looks at Gorgeous Freeman’s butt. 😛

Just having fun playing Peggle Extreme


Last night, I decided to play a game called Peggle Extreme. The objective is to get all of the orange pegs to make an extreme fever. Green pegs give you power-ups, and purple pegs give you a bonus boost.

This is a picture from the game:


What I do like about the game is the stage levels that have other characters in them like Jimmy Lightning, Pyro and Heavy from Team Fortress 2, the Vortigaunt from Half-Life 2, the turrets from Portal, etc.

Gorgeous Freeman is the King of the World, baby!

I was watching a couple episodes of ‘Gorgeous Freeman’ on Tomala’s blog last night.

My most favorite part is Dr. Breen saying “I want that ass, and I want it now!” He was voiced by DasBoSchitt, who created the Gmod Idiot Box series. I thought that catchphrase was hilarious. 😛

My second favorite part is Gorgeous Freeman being voiced by Duke Nukem. I like one of his catchphrases: “Power armor is for pussies.”

And my third favorite part is Gorgeous Freeman destroying the Willsons with his crowbar. XD

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