Ronald and Donald Forever

Been making some more background artwork in Garry’s Mod lately. Here’s one of them that is dedicated to my sis Tomala:

It was Ronald McDonald happily hugging the ever-loving heck out of Donald Trump, and meanwhile Francis is watching them while eating popcorn. 😛 Anyways, I’ll plan on making something that’s related to Independence Day which starts tomorrow because our town’s firework show has been cancelled due to COVID-19 which means we’re not going to be able to see some fireworks from the show this year.

In tonight’s post: Trumped in Hell

I forgot to put up my latest GMod background artwork yesterday. This is dedicated to my sister Overlord Tomala and our Canadian friend Yutram:

It was President Donny Two-Scoops winding up in the pits of Hell with Ronald McDonald and Francis after being abducted by Ronald McDonald *again*. 😛

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