Late Thanksgiving SFM Artwork Roundup

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving this year. I’ve been playing around in SFM (Source FilmMaker) this evening since it’s been a while. Here’s a couple of pics I’ve put together for tonight:

And to top it off I have made my own TF2 profile poster using Krita and Adobe Illustrator, just like my Thanksgiving picture above:

Now I’m at the point where I’m making my next SFM project that’s based on a Christmas theme. 😛

Belated Thanksgiving Open Thread

My apologies for not writing last couple days ago because I was too tired to come up with something Thanksgiving-themed, and also because I’ve been too busy working on my yet another artwork project on SFM which is a group of female Pokemon Trainers meet the Combine soldiers as they get to know each other and what-not, and it’s now halfway finished because I need to work on some stuff in the project such as the characters’ body posing, lighting and camera angles. I think I’ll take a break from doing that for right now and plan on continuing my SFM project tomorrow at some time in the afternoon before going back to my evil nightmare shift for the next two days this week.

So until then, feel free to post comments here for your latest mouthwords.

Early Thanksgiving Open Thread

We had our friendly elderly visitor coming over to our house earlier this evening and enjoyed some delicious Thanksgiving dinner which is turkey with cranberries, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, candied yams and artichokes. Here’s the screenshot of the Thanksgiving dinner while spending time with the whole family:

This was good food on a happy early Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to watch this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade tomorrow if there is a live stream for it available on YouTube. 🙂

Some Moar Big Furry Hat

I found this video from the Late Show where Stephen does the belated Thanksgiving edition of Big Furry Hat:

I extremely lol’d at the one quote he said: “This Thanksgiving, any grown-up who says we should investigate Uranium One has to sit at the kids table, and the first kid who remembers pilgrims are immigrants gets to sit at the adult table.” 😛

So anyway, I hope the rest of you Slackers had a happy belated Thanksgiving too. 🙂

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