Belated Thanksgiving Open Thread

My apologies for not writing last couple days ago because I was too tired to come up with something Thanksgiving-themed, and also because I’ve been too busy working on my yet another artwork project on SFM which is a group of female Pokemon Trainers meet the Combine soldiers as they get to know each other and what-not, and it’s now halfway finished because I need to work on some stuff in the project such as the characters’ body posing, lighting and camera angles. I think I’ll take a break from doing that for right now and plan on continuing my SFM project tomorrow at some time in the afternoon before going back to my evil nightmare shift for the next two days this week.

So until then, feel free to post comments here for your latest mouthwords.

Sunday Night Open Thread

I have been doing some yard work inside and outside our garden from our front yard earlier this evening to pull up any clover and fake grass especially the ones under the raspberry and strawberry plants.

So now I’m all caught up on my gardening job for right now, even one person saw what I was doing and said ‘I like your garden’ while they were walking on the sidewalk. That was very nice of them when they said that. 🙂

I have also been working on my next comic project that includes Christmas, and so far I got the first row finished and need to work on two more rows but I’ll get back into my project the next time I do that. Open thread.

Yet Another Evening Open Thread

Instead of continuing my comic that I made on a piece of paper a few month ago, I decided to create a new one using the Paint program and my mouse because my tablet wasn’t working for some reason, but it’ll be fixed eventually. So far I’ve got about one third of the project done, and I apologize for not putting one up from a couple years back. Oh, and I also apologize for not posting last couple days ago because I was too busy getting my work done like getting the last of the bark and pinecones in two separate buckets out of our backyard so that we can put down grass seed if the wind’s not too breezy.

Either way, once I fill in all the columns of what I’ve been thinking about on my comic project then I’ll come up with some good sentences of what people say from their call-outs.

But for now, I put together my old Borderlands 2 video footage and some nice text to create this ‘Please Wait’ screen picture that I made for Tomala on her latest live stream of that game:

My comic project is finished

I managed to complete my comic project this evening, it was all written down using a pen, some coloring pencils and a piece of paper. I’m not going to post the entire thing but instead I will be putting one panel at a time per day because my father told me to. Here’s the picture of the first panel where a guy named Dean is walking over to his friend Ryan’s house:

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