Another decade gone and the next one will begin soon

My family and I were enjoying some delicious pizza for dinner as our celebration for New Year’s Eve. After we’re all finished with dinner I got three new games added to my library from the Steam Winter Sale for a total of almost 32 dollars, then I spent the rest of the Steam money on good Team Fortress 2 fashion equipment and other things since I’ve been playing that game lately.

And now that I got all the important things out of the way, I will now show you Slackers my latest videos that I uploaded on YouTube last night. This first is my cat Stewie chasing around a toy string and playing with it:

Then this next one is a short nature-related video tiny red bug on a journey in a puffball of a seeding dandelion, and then the bug falls off the dandelion at the very end:

Anyways, now let’s hope that 2020 will be a good year and U.S. President #46 will be better than the last one.

TF2 Winter 2019 Updatification

I sold my Smissmas 2019 cosmetic cases and other pieces of junk from my TF2 inventory and spent just enough Steam money to buy a Skullbrero, a sombrero with skull patterns, for the Pyro:

And not only did get that from the market, I also got the diamond eyes, also for the Pyro, that have Australium Gold paint applied to it. Can’t wait to buy more stuff from the market after I get some games from this year’s Steam Winter Sale. 🙂

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