TF2 Winter 2019 Updatification

I sold my Smissmas 2019 cosmetic cases and other pieces of junk from my TF2 inventory and spent just enough Steam money to buy a Skullbrero, a sombrero with skull patterns, for the Pyro:

And not only did get that from the market, I also got the diamond eyes, also for the Pyro, that have Australium Gold paint applied to it. Can’t wait to buy more stuff from the market after I get some games from this year’s Steam Winter Sale. 🙂

Meet the Wintertime Scoot

Last night I’ve been playing around on a 2Fort community server in TF2 and I found a ski cap with goggles for the Scout as my latest item drop:

I was very amazed when I got that. 🙂 Now I just need to get a lime green paint tool from the Steam market after I get done purchasing some games that I wanted to get from the Steam Winter Sale so that I can use the lime green paint tool on my latest Scout cosmetic.

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