I drew my first pic of the month

I decided to draw a picture of my latest TF2 alter ego for tonight:

His name is Gangplank Graham. He has dark red hair, he wears an ancient pirate coat with brown neckwear and cuffs, and he also wears a pair of grey sunglasses. The reason why I drew that is because this is based on one of my current Soldier loadouts in-game:

Meet My Spy Alter Ego

I forgot to put up this picture that I drew on my tablet. It’s a Spy from Team Fortress 2 wearing a cavalier hat, a pair of summer shades and a stylish suit coat which are all painted grey. I called him Grey Greyson:

Now I just need to get the proper cosmetics plus a few Aged Moustache Grey paint cans from the Steam Market if I got enough money after purchasing a couple of Life Is Strange games on sale from the Steam Store. 🙂

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