Current Pokémon Fashion Mood: Shell Of A Woman

I thought I’d celebrate the bonus day by playing some Pokémon Diamond, and here’s a screenshot of my fashioned Water-type critter:

Chell the Shellder, named after the female protagonist from Portal. She’s my sweet bivalve of love. 😛

GLaDOS would be really, really happy for me. 😛

I Made Some More Sprite Sheets

Last night I was ripping some Super Game Boy borders of the FIFA Soccer variety. Here are four of them that got approved in the Spriters Resource website:

And yes, I did try out all four of those FIFA Soccer games. They’re alright, but I quickly lost interest in them. Anyways, I’m almost at 2,400 sprite sheets right now and I submitted tonight’s batch of sprite sheets. Stay tuned!

Fun with Family Feud for the Game Boy Advance

Last night I decided to check out Family Feud for the GBA. Here’s a screenshot of the gameplay:

Unfortunately nobody in the survey said that and the game gave me a strike because I was thinking of TF2 for a moment.

Either way, I have managed to defeat the computer family and beat the game by scoring 200+ points in the bonus round and winning the $20,000 grand prize:

This game is alright but definitely not my cup of tea even though I finished it. However; what I like about this game is you can customize family members and also edit their names:

But yeah, it takes all types to play this fun game. 😉

Pokémon Diamond Dress Up Roundup

I was playing a little bit of Pokémon Diamond after some more sprite sheet ripping shenanigans. Here’s a water-type Pokémon dressed in fashion accessories:

Neptune the Vaporeon, named after the god of water and the sea in ancient Roman mythology.

He is also named after King Neptune, so that’s why he has a white mustache and beard and he wears a crown on his head. 🙂

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