Some More Pokémon Diamond Fashion Fun Time

I’ve been playing some more Pokémon Dress Up in Pokémon Diamond. This time I’ll show you my beautiful Water-type friends:

Azalea the Goldeen, nicknamed after the female golfer from Mario Golf. She’s my lovely goldfish angel. 🙂

Sherry the Psyduck, nicknamed after the other female golfer from Mario Golf.

Donald the Seaking, nicknamed after that horrid piece of garbage former U.S. President.

Anyways, I better head off and continue my journey of battling against enemy trainers, check on the berry plants and what-not. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!

TAAAAAAAANK! Oops, wrong game…

I’ve been playing around a little bit of a game that is like Need For Speed but with tanks, and that is Tank Racer. It’s a racing game where you can chose one of the four tanks and race through the tracks against seven computer-controlled tanks in the Cup and Single races. Here’s a screenshot of the gameplay:

This game is alright, but I’m stickin’ with the Need For Speed series. However; what I like about this game is it’s got awesome power-ups to pick up just like in Carmageddon, and I also like the stylistic in-game graphics. 😉

Let’s Talk More About Max Payne

Oh no! The Killer Suits have murdered an off-screen terrorist.

After my family and I got back from getting vaccines shots and groceries last night, I decided to celebrate by playing some Max Payne since it’s been a long time.

I left off at Cold Steel factory where I fought against 187 mercenaries, then I made my way to the D-6 medical research facility with dozens of dead scientists. After that I escaped from the explosions that Michael Bay created, and then I ran into an evil DEA agent known as B.B., who awaits me in his own parking garage, and then I managed to murder him and his crew.

And now I’m at the point where I’m in the land of the blind. 😛

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