Current Gaming Mood: Mortal Kombat 11

Last night I decided to check out the Krypt in Mortal Kombat 11. After being greeted by some old, evil sorcerer you enter the Krypt, and start off with a powerful sledgehammer.

Stop. Hammer Time!

There’s a buttload of coins as you go around searching for loot chests scattered in different areas while trying to avoid getting annihilated by evil monsters that are hungry for human mortals. So far I have collected a bunch of stuff like skins, cosmetics and artwork of various characters.

I’m thinking one of these times I will invite my sis Tomala to a game of MK11 just for bloody fun. 🙂

Playing around some Time Slaughter

I found another DOS game where Street Fighter meets Mortal Kombat. This is Time Slaughter, a fighting game made by Bloodlust Software. I decided to tear into this old-school fighting game.

You will play as one of the ten characters and the object of the game is to defeat every opponent to get all the way up to the hideous robotic monstrosity known as Portal. Here’s what the game looks like:

The gameplay looks nice and so do the characters. Your character’s winquote will appear after you win two rounds against your opponent just like in the Street Fighter games:

Here’s one of the winquotes that really made me laugh my ass off:

Another thing in this game, if you successfully use a slaughter move (or fatality) on all ten original characters with no continues, then you will fight against the bonus character named Staine. Now that’s amazing! 🙂 What I like about this game are not only the characters, but also their battle stages like the deserted island, the New York alley, the prehistoric caveman times, etc.

Unfortunately, the creators of the game never made a sequel. 🙁 So anyway, that’s what the game is all about. It’s bloody fun! 😀

Let’s talk about Mortal Kombat X

My sister Tomala got me Mortal Kombat X as a gift for my birthday about a couple weeks ago. I decided to get out my controller to practice for a while, and I was getting better at doing random Kombos with different characters I was using like Kung Lao, Sonya Blade, Bo’ Rai Cho, etc.

This is a great 3D Mortal Kombat game, and what I like about this game are the brutalities and faction kills.

I also like different towers to choose from like the original Klassic, Test Your Might, Endless, Survivor and Test Your Luck. I was thinking about getting a Steam controller one of these days, but I’m going to wait for the price to go down on that thing.

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