Bandits & Nosalises & Bourbon! Oh My!

I want your hockey mask, bro.

Last night I celebrated Halloween by coming back to doing Metro 2033 of the Redux variety since it’s been awhile. Last time I played it was about five and a half years ago, I was exploring the Lost Tunnels with my teammate Bourbon while surviving the attacks of bandits and nosalises along the way.

I AM standing still, you jackass! Don’t tell me what to do!

We survived and made our way to the Market station where I did some exploring around a little bit, traded my revolver for the Bastard gun (which kinda looks like a Sten gun to me) which I applied the heat sink attachment to stop the gun from overheating, and I even found another shooting range where you take challenges in there but I decided to skip it because I needed to build up my progress. However, I might check it out someday in the future whenever I feel like doing shooting challenges.

Next stop is the Dead City, where Bourbon and I set out on a mission to get to Dry Station, where bandits control it.


After Bourbon failed to catch me I went inside a couple of buildings to search for ranger stashes and hear the voices of the dead while surviving a horde of nosalises that are thirsty for my blood. I even found one of the Dark Ones right by the ranger hideout:

I’m about halfway through the Dead City right now, but I’ll plan on taking a break until I feel like continuing my mission for survival.

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