Friday Evening Open Thread

Today is a cold, rainy evening here. My sister Tomala made us grilled ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches for breakfast this morning.

I got to admit, they’re really delicious. 🙂 Then I got on the Roku this afternoon to play games for a little bit, and catch up to my favorite TV shows on Hulu for a few hours after that. I sure had a good afternoon today. 😀

And now for no reason here’s a random Gmod picture from awhile back:

The Annoying Orange Press Conference on The Tonight Show

I found this YouTube video from The Tonight Show where Jimmy Fallon, who’s dressed as President Asterisk, goes to a press conference to talk to the reporters about Russia, Michael Flynn and fake news:

I thought that was pretty funny. 😛

Monday Evening Open Thread

Not much to report tonight. My family and I are having a great dinner for my belated birthday at the local Irish Pub. We were having some fish and chips, and I ordered my first cocktail. It was a Dizzy Leprechaun, it tasted like Girl Scout Cookies with a good whiskey taste to it. 🙂 Oh, and last night I found some YouTube videos of different NES hacks that involve penises:

My most favorite part is Scrooge McDuck using his penis to jump instead of his cane in DickTales. 😛

Happy Birthday to me!

Had a nice birthday today. I got a tablet so I can draw stuff on my computer, it can also be used as a mousepad so that you can use the pen or your finger (only when the touch is on) to move the cursor. I also got Mortal Kombat X along with Kombat Packs 1 and 2 on Steam for my birthday with the help from my sister Tomala. 🙂

Anyway, we had some pizza for my birthday dinner:

And here’s my birthday cake that San_San made:

I even took a pic of a slice of my cake. It’s a marble cake.

Yep, my birthday is going really well tonight. 🙂