The Tonight Show Thank You Notes with First Lady Michelle Obama

I found this YouTube video from The Tonight Show where Jimmy Fallon and First Lady Michelle Obama are writing out Thank You Notes to President Barack Obama, Inauguration Day, etc.

I mostly like the part where Michelle thanks Barack for proving he’s not a lame duck, but her very own silver fox. I’m going to miss the Obama’s being First Lady and President. 🙁

Fifty Shades Darker meets The Joy of Painting

I watched this YouTube clip from the Ellen DeGeneres show last night where Ellen combines two things that are absolutely unrelated in her segment called This + That. This time she combines the trailer for the movie “Fifty Shades Darker” with Bob Ross’ classic TV show, “The Joy of Painting“.

It’s a great This + That video, and I like that one part where one of Bob Ross’ guests is using the paintbrush to play with colors on a large palette. 😛

Another DOS game I’m interested in

I decided to play some Super Tetris. It’s an old DOS game where you have to clear all the lines from the picture to advance to the next level. Here’s what the game looks like:

This game is really awesome to play. 😀 I like how I use bombs to destroy blocks and grab power-ups every time I clear the lines, and I also like the artwork in this game like circus animals, clowns, etc.

Playing around some Mahjong Deluxe 3

Last night I decided to play one of the games I’ve purchased from the Steam Winter Sale. Mahjong Deluxe 3 is a game where you can match the tiles as you go through different puzzles. Here’s what it looks like:

This is a fun game to play. 😀 I also like the artwork, and the ability that randomly generates tiles every time I have no more moves left.

Evening Open Thread with Morty pix

Tomala and I got our controllers out to do some Abyss Odyssey this afternoon. It’s a side-scrolling action adventure game where three warriors enter different abysses and battle through demons along the way. The D-Pad on the controller lets your character move around, the A button will let you jump or double-jump if you hit it twice, the X, Y and B buttons let you use your attacks, and the left and right trigger buttons let your character use your shield to block the enemies’ attacks. My favorite part while we’re playing is Tomala poisoning a demon with a poisonous sword. Anyways, we had a lot of fun slaughtering some demons but daaaaamn that was intense.

After we’re done playing, I grabbed my camera and took a few pics of Morty being super cute: