Playing around some Dig Dug for DOS

Last year I went to My Abandonware and found a DOS game called Dig Dug, so I decided to give this a try:

You’ll play as the dude dressed in white clothing, and you’re digging underground to destroy all Pookas (the red round monsters that wear yellow goggles) and Fygars (the green dragons that breathe fire) by blowing them up with your air pump or crushing them with large rocks:

I’d say this is a really fun DOS Game. I was thinking about playing other Namco DOS games like Pac-Man and Galaxian, but I’m gonna have to wait on that for another time. 😀


I finally managed to defeat the giant evil minotaur known as Gozu in the sixth chapter of Shadow Warrior since it’s been awhile, and I got an achievement for that too:

So now I’m on Chapter 7, ‘You Should See The Other Guy’, and I found a shotgun on the emergency exit doors along the way:

I think I’ll continue my Wang-tastic adventure whenever I feel like playing this game. 🙂

Misbehaving Nature Animals on Ellen

I went on YouTube tonight and found this video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Ellen shows photos of nature animals who have bad behavior on her segment called ‘Naughty By Nature’:

I think the most hilarious pics are a bear opening a door and a dog humping another while a human mother and her daughter are kissing. 😛