March Cuteness on Ellen with Morty pix

I watched this video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Ellen came up with a bracket with cute animal videos. She calls it March Cuteness, where Ellen has chosen sixteen animal videos but only one will be victorious against the other fifteen:

I like that one video of a kitten cleaning a chirping chick, hilariously cute. 😛 Oh, and speaking of cute, here are some pix of Morty:

GMod Testing Open Thread

I have been doing some testing in GMod on our Sandbox server, and so far everything is in good shape. But it’s missing some of my addons such as the Invader Zim ragdolls, Mortal Kombat X characters and playermodels, etc.

Oh, I did take a few screenshots of more stuff that I got from the workshop:

Nicktoons Reunion!

Touhou characters

I used Outfitter to change from Anna to Elsa.

Outfitter is kinda like a tool where you and others can wear workshop playermodels without having to download them onto the server. That will be a lot fun! 😀 Now I can use Outfitter with Tomala and Yutram to show off various playermodels. 😛

Time for some epic Scribblenauts pix!

A couple weeks ago I was playing Scribblenauts and I took some screenshots that are quite entertaining:

Trolololololololololol! 😛

Trumpthulu and Shoggoth Trump happily dancing. 😛

Beavis and Butthead riding a naked mole rat.

I mostly like the Trollface one because it likes to destroy people, including Maxwell. 😛

After Dark Open Thread

Last night I went to a website called Play DOS Games Online, where you look around and find DOS games and old Windows games that you want to play, and I found an After Dark 3.2 program that has various screensavers. Here are some of them that are my favorites:

You Bet Your Head

Bad Dog!

DOS Shell

Rat Race

They’re really good screensavers and so do the others. 🙂 Unfortunately, it won’t work under Windows 7 but it will if it’s running under DOSBox or a virtual machine. I was thinking about doing that one of these days.

The Tonight Show Evening Open Thread

I went on YouTube this evening and found this video from The Tonight Show where Donald Trump (Jimmy Fallon in disguise) is reporting on his own speech to Congress from the TNN news desk:

I like that one part where a real human hand shows up with a needle and sticks it on Trump’s back to calm him down even though he wasn’t freaking out, totally funny. 😛

Let’s talk about Mortal Kombat X

My sister Tomala got me Mortal Kombat X as a gift for my birthday about a couple weeks ago. I decided to get out my controller to practice for a while, and I was getting better at doing random Kombos with different characters I was using like Kung Lao, Sonya Blade, Bo’ Rai Cho, etc.

This is a great 3D Mortal Kombat game, and what I like about this game are the brutalities and faction kills.

I also like different towers to choose from like the original Klassic, Test Your Might, Endless, Survivor and Test Your Luck. I was thinking about getting a Steam controller one of these days, but I’m going to wait for the price to go down on that thing.