Netflix Commercial (SNL sketch)

While I was eating dinner with my family, I saw this Saturday Night Live sketch of a Netflix commercial that introduces next year’s new shows:

I would love to watch an awesome ‘Comedians in a Car Getting Coffee‘ spin-off known as ‘Leslie Jones in a Van Getting Batteries’. I think my favorite part of that is Leslie running over a cyclist while driving in her van to go get some batteries, pretty hilarious. 😛

Animals are Nature’s Best Friends

I went on YouTube to watch random videos this evening, and I found this video from the Ellen DeGeneres Show that includes a compilation of animals who are adorable friends with other animals:

I love all kinds of nature animals. 🙂 I think the most cutest part of the video is a cat grooming a bunny on the bed, beautifully adorable. 😛

Have some Kung Fu Grizzly Bear

My dad showed me this video yesterday of an old commercial that includes a man fighting a grizzly bear for fish, so I thought I’d share this with you people:

I like how the bear is using its fighting moves because usually bears don’t do any of this in real life. 😛 Oh, and another part that made me laugh is the man punching the bear in the balls, extremely funny. 🙂

Decision 2000 with ‘Dubya’ and ‘Blood and Gore’

I was digging around on YouTube looking at old SNL skits. Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond singing Sonny and Cher’s ‘I Got You Babe’ while portraying George W. Bush and Al Gore during the 2000 election made me laugh:

I know it’s an old clip but sometimes the old ones are some of the best. 🙂

In tonight’s post: Epic Fails on Ellen’s ‘Game of Games’

After I played some Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and a few other games that I’ve recently played like Portal Stories: Mel, Quake and Tomb Raider, I was watching a video from the Ellen DeGeneres Show that includes various ‘Game of Games’ contestants giving the wrong answers and failing miserably:

I lol’d at the one part right at the very end where a female contestant plays a game called Hot Hands, where you can win money by guessing the correct name of the famous celebrity shown in the picture, but she fails to reach $100,000 and tells Ellen she’s sorry so many times because she doesn’t know any correct celeb names just about. 😛

Happy Birthday to Ellen!

Today is Ellen DeGeneres’ 60th birthday! Here’s a video I found on the Ellen Show that includes two of her favorite kid stars known as Sophia Grace and Rosie wishing Ellen a happy birthday:

Wow, those two cute princesses must’ve grown up quite well. 🙂 Oh, and speaking of that, I decided to remake them in Scribblenauts tonight:

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