I found an Annoying Door Stopper Kitteh

My father showed me a funny YouTube video of a cat twanging on a door stopper the other day, and I thought I’d share this video to all you Slackers:

Now I’m imagining if my bedroom door had a door stopper and my cat Stewie suddenly got his paw under my closed door and started playing with a door stopper while I was trying to sleep the middle of the night. That would drive me insane but the door stopper noises sound very funny. 😛

My latest uploaded YouTube porn

I uploaded two videos on YouTube this evening. This first video is my cat Morty looking out the back window of our van while my family and I were visiting Yellowstone Park on our road trip:

And this next one is recorded from awhile back of a ladybug on top another ladybug on the bush from our house:

Feel free to check these out if you’re really bored.

GMod Idiot Box Lost Tapes Numero Dos

Yesterday I was watching a latest GMod Idiot Box video that someone by the name of Crunchy Soap uploaded on YouTube last year. Enjoy your show!

Credit goes to everyone for the music, original soundtracks and sound effects. Oh, and also Crunchy Soap, friend of DasBoSchitt, for making this hilarious YouTube video too. 😉 I think my most favorite part of the video where a gun-wielding police officer says ‘Hold your fire!’ to another police officer who is holding real fire, 100% hilarious. 😛

Short Wednesday Evening Open Thread

We went to go see the belated holiday light show festival this evening, and we got some video footage of some things like the fire-breathing Christmas Lochness Monster, Golfing Santa, gingerbread men playing volleyball and all the others until the rain started falling down. So that’s our cue to leave the light show, but at least we had a good time over there. 🙂

After we got back home from the light show we had delicious cheeseburgers and fries that San_San and Papa Smurf picked up at a restaurant for dinner. Once again, we all lived for another day.

Open Thread, ladies and gentlemen.

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