I found an Annoying Door Stopper Kitteh

My father showed me a funny YouTube video of a cat twanging on a door stopper the other day, and I thought I’d share this video to all you Slackers:

Now I’m imagining if my bedroom door had a door stopper and my cat Stewie suddenly got his paw under my closed door and started playing with a door stopper while I was trying to sleep the middle of the night. That would drive me insane but the door stopper noises sound very funny. 😛

March Cuteness on Ellen with Morty pix

I watched this video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Ellen came up with a bracket with cute animal videos. She calls it March Cuteness, where Ellen has chosen sixteen animal videos but only one will be victorious against the other fifteen:

I like that one video of a kitten cleaning a chirping chick, hilariously cute. 😛 Oh, and speaking of cute, here are some pix of Morty:

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