Saturday Evening Open Thread

It was a decent evening tonight. San_San made us some delicious chicken and zucchini this afternoon along with the sliced tomatoes:

Then I decided to dig back into some more Quake after having some Thai spaghetti that Tomala made for dinner. 🙂 Oh, I found this video from the Late Show the other night where Cartoon Trump and his Toupee-izard challenge Ash Ketchum for a Pokémon battle:

I extremely laughed my ass off on that Machamp-esque Robert Mueller, and his unstoppable move F.B.I. Investigation really cracked me up too. 😛

This Late Show video made me lol

Today is a damp day. I had a dental appointment at the dentist office this afternoon, and it went well. The doctors cleaned my teeth and I haven’t lost any teeth which is good. I was on YouTube and watched this video from the Late Show the other day where Stephen talks about Putin, Gay Clowns and Russia:

I really like the short animated Putin gay icon song at the very end of the video, 100% funny. 😛

It’s time for Cartoon Trump!

Last night I went on YouTube to watch some Cartoon Trump clips from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, like Cartoon Trump being visited by Cartoon Richard Nixon and Cartoon Abraham Lincoln, announcing his March Madness bracket picks, and sitting on a gold toilet while trying to tweet:

Yep, they’re quite hilarious and entertaining. 😛

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