Experiencing Technical Hardware Difficulties

There’s nothing much to write about for tonight. My tablet’s USB keyboard decided to go tits up earlier this afternoon while I was getting ready for work. My father tried his best to do anything to experiment it such as swapping out my USB keyboard with his, pushing out new updates and rebooting the system but Windows still could not recognize my keyboard even while illuminated, which was weird as hell. 😕

So we had no choice but to buy myself a new Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet so that it’ll be back in business before my family and I can take and go on a road trip to go visit our friendly family members. 🙂

Another good round of Adobe Illustratifying Artworkification

I forgot to put something up yesterday. I’ve been messing around with more of Adobe Illustrator, and I used my Wacom tablet to draw my own version of Azalea from the Mario Golf series:

The whole story behind this artwork is Azalea conquering the Blue Moon on her outer space journey after decapitating two alien invaders with her katana. 🙂

I nailed the best ending in Caesars Palace

I’ve been playing around some more Caesars Palace on the VisualBoyAdvance just for the heck of it and I managed to cash out three quarters of a million dollars! I won huge amounts of “money” in Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and the Money Wheel:

After “cashing out” $750,000 I got an awesome hot rod that can send my way back to my hamster headquarters. 🙂

What I like about this best ending is the hot rod jingle sound because I find that quite catchy, and I also like the sign that lets me know that I’m leaving Vegas after beating the game:

I just wish the car and the money were real! 😍

Thursday Summer Nightmare Open Thread

I’m sorry for not posting yesterday once again. Anyways, I survived another day in hell on a nice summer day today after pushing some shopping carts outside a local store, throwing away trash that got scattered around the parking lot because the wind kept blowing them around, and I even found a one dollar bill that got left behind and then turned in to the service desk for 30 days if nobody claims it. I hope everyone reading this Open Thread is also having a hot sunny day.

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!

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