Saturday Winter Night Source FilmMaking Time!

I’ve been working on my latest holiday photo project in SFM the other day, and I got everything adjusted accordingly such as lighting, camera angling and positioning. Now it’s ready to be uploaded on Christmas this year. 🙂

Open Thread!

Current SFM Mood: Nicktoons Vacation in Sunset Island

I’ve been making yet another SFM project for tonight. Here is a screenshot of my latest work in progress:

I still need to the last few touch-ups such as adding a few birds on top of the sky, adjusting camera angles and also the characters’ arms and legs to make them less stiff and more natural once it’s all good to go for uploading on Steam. 🙂

I drew some stuff

Last night I made a couple of art pix by using my drawing tablet and Photoshop. Here’s a picture of a group of Nicktoons characters forming a rock band called ‘The Nicktooners’:

And then here’s a picture about my first comic cartoon:

It’s about two guys named Dean and Ryan along with Ryan’s girlfriend, Jenny, as they do awesome activities and go out on fantastic adventures. I was thinking about making that soon. 🙂

Jenny Wakeman meets Beavis and Butt-head

I created another art pic this evening. It’s Jenny from My Life As A Teenage Robot meets Beavis and Butt-head:

I wish that Nicktoons cartoon will be brought back along with the others like Jimmy Neutron, The Wild Thornberrys and Ren & Stimpy. 🙂

GMod Testing Open Thread

I have been doing some testing in GMod on our Sandbox server, and so far everything is in good shape. But it’s missing some of my addons such as the Invader Zim ragdolls, Mortal Kombat X characters and playermodels, etc.

Oh, I did take a few screenshots of more stuff that I got from the workshop:

Nicktoons Reunion!

Touhou characters

I used Outfitter to change from Anna to Elsa.

Outfitter is kinda like a tool where you and others can wear workshop playermodels without having to download them onto the server. That will be a lot fun! 😀 Now I can use Outfitter with Tomala and Yutram to show off various playermodels. 😛

Some moar scribbling around

Guess what I’ve been up to lately?


The characters from Futurama

The characters from Futurama

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa


My favorite characters from my favorite Nicktoons cartoons.

I was gonna create Ren and Stimpy but that would be too difficult for me. But at least I had a lot of fun though. 😛

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