Saturday Winter Night Source FilmMaking Time!

I’ve been working on my latest holiday photo project in SFM the other day, and I got everything adjusted accordingly such as lighting, camera angling and positioning. Now it’s ready to be uploaded on Christmas this year. 🙂

Open Thread!

Alxala Does Hollywood

I decided to take a break from SFM for right now and found an old Windows 3.1 program called Hollywood. It’s a program where you can make your own movies by doing certain things like changing the location of the scene, setting up a movie script, etc.

This looks like it would be a fun program for making random cartoonish movies. One thing I like about Hollywood is that there’s an option that lets me change the selected character’s name, voice and favorite hobby:

Now I can become an famous old-school movie star of the ancient times. Thank you and goodnight!

Friday Late Night Artwork Roundup

I’ve been going through the SFM workshop on Steam earlier this evening, and I found some models of classical cartoon characters that I’ve added to my private collection such as Felix the Cat, Tom & Jerry, etc. Oh, and speaking of classical cartoon characters I made my own art picture of my own versions of Felix the Cat and his girlfriend Kitty Kat:

My own version of Felix the Cat is wearing a white Bill’s hat, and my own version of Kitty Kat is dressed in her princess outfit. I’ve got models of both those characters added to my SFM character collection so that I can use them to make this out of my SFM project one of these days, and also for other future projects such as having Kitty Kat kissing Felix the Cat in the cheek while they’re both at the beach getting stoned with bongs, and maybe have Kitty and Felix play Mortal Kombat in a random apartment. 😛

I drew some stuff

Last night I made a couple of art pix by using my drawing tablet and Photoshop. Here’s a picture of a group of Nicktoons characters forming a rock band called ‘The Nicktooners’:

And then here’s a picture about my first comic cartoon:

It’s about two guys named Dean and Ryan along with Ryan’s girlfriend, Jenny, as they do awesome activities and go out on fantastic adventures. I was thinking about making that soon. 🙂

Some moar scribbling around

Guess what I’ve been up to lately?


The characters from Futurama

The characters from Futurama

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa


My favorite characters from my favorite Nicktoons cartoons.

I was gonna create Ren and Stimpy but that would be too difficult for me. But at least I had a lot of fun though. 😛

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