Current Weekend Spot: Beating Skyrim for Windows 3.11

Last night I decided to take a break from working on my SFM project for right now and play some Castle of the Winds in Windows 3.11 under DOSBox, and so far I have fought my way through 187 monsters scattered around in different areas and finally got to the notoriously Evil Hill Giant Leader known as Hrungnir:

I have successfully defeated Hrungnir, the Hill Giant leader, and his ogre henchmen just by shooting some Fireballs at them. After defeating Hrungnir I grabbed the Amulet of Kings from his dead body. It’s a special kind of amulet that lets me use the item in order to beat the game:

That was only the first part of the game. So now I’m at the point where I must get everything ready for the second part of the game right now, and I’ll be able to move on to Part 2 as soon I got all the stuff that I need.

Some fun with Crypt of the NecroDancer

Toro! Toro!

Last night I was playing a Steam game called Crypt of the NecroDancer, a strategic rogue-like rhythm game where your character can move to the music while trying to defeat various enemies such as slime and evil monkeys, buying some things at the shop and finding the exit after killing a random mini-boss in different levels.

It’s like the old-school Windows game Castle of the Winds but with a dance beat twist to it, and what I like about it is you can spend diamonds that you found for unlocking certain things and you can add songs from your own MP3 collection too. Even the graphics and animation in this game look quite stylistic like Broforce and Kingdom.

I’d say this is a good game but not as great as Broforce though. But it’s very fun to play and learn to dance in sequential patterns to the rhythm. 🙂

Some 8-Bit Medieval Fun

Last week I’ve been playing another Steam game that I’ve never played before. It’s called Kingdom: Classic. It’s a game where you play as a royalty riding a horse, and you go around collecting coins and then giving them to people or objects to build, purchase, upgrade, and acquire certain things while trying to survive as long as possible.

I’d say this is a good game to play, and what I like about it is the 8-bit graphics that kinda remind me of Broforce, and also a dark-colored horse that I found by the wooden fence:

I managed to get two achievements while playing this game. One for surviving day 5, and the other for surviving day 10.

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