Poker Overnight at the Inventory

I managed to obtain another TF2 item while playing some more Poker Night at the Inventory. It’s a pair of white Dangeresque Shades for the Demoman:

So now I’m down to the last item to get in the Poker Night game: The Enthusiast’s Timepiece, a special invis watch for the Spy. But I’m gonna have to wait on doing that until I feel like playing Poker Night again. 🙂

Saturday Open Thread

It was a fairly decent day this evening. San_San and I went out apple picking yesterday at our friendly person’s yard from across the street, and San made us some delicious chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner. 🙂 She also made apple crisp for dessert. Here’s a picture of the apple crisp:

After eating dinner and dessert with my family I decided to play a bit of Poker Night at the Inventory, and I managed to get two TF2 items which are a badge and a gun after winning the Poker Night tournament:

Now I can go play Good Cop/Bad Cop in the TF2 world. 😛

Open Thread!

Time to double the Poker Night Fever

Last night I played both Poker Night and Poker Night 2. I managed to obtain a Team Fortress 2 item; a special knife for the Heavy after winning Brock Samson’s orb. I also got some various achievements from both games. Here are some screenshots I took while playing around with them:

Better luck next time, Heavy Weapons Guy.

Victory is mine! 😀

Adios, Claptrap!

Oh no, now Brock is going apeshit after I won the tournament.

What I like about them are various poker table styles, and the decks like the Team Fortress 2 deck and the Venture Bros. deck. Cool! 😀 I’ll think about playing some more of those so that I can get more items from TF2 and Borderlands 2.

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