Have some animated game pics

I forgot to put up my first two animated GIFs that I made the other day. This first one is me as Scout performing a taunt-kill on an enemy scout who’s playing his bongo drums in TF2:

And then here’s this animated pic from Metro 2033 of a drunk enemy bandit opening the door and then get shot in the head:

Credit goes to Twitch streamer AlwaysUnreal for the streaming gameplay footage.

I used OBS Studio and Microsoft PowerPoint to record them and then use Shotcut to save them as animated GIFs.

Welcome to the Metro (again)

I played some Metro 2033 Redux last night, and it looks quite similar to the original. What I like about this game is it has various features throughout the game like notes that are scattered around in different areas, keys and safes, weapon customizing, and it even has a feature that I can wipe blood off my gas mask. Now that is bloody good! 🙂 The graphics in this game look so nice just like in the original. Some weapons have different firing sounds like the automatic shotgun and the AK-47, and Artyom’s voice sounded completely different compared to the original.

I was hoping for Metro Exodus to become available soon so I can add it to my Steam library.

Metro 2033 Friday Night Fun Fest

I dug back into some more Metro 2033 tonight, and so far I have successfully ninja’d my way past the enemy bandits to find Bourbon, who had been shot and killed by a bandit:

R. I. P. Bourbon 🙁

Here Khan guides me to the subway station where we encounter ghostly silhouettes which can kill you in seconds if you get too close to them. We also shot down more nosalises on the way while looking for guns and ammunition scattered in hidden areas:

The Ghost Train

On another note I did get an achievement for completing levels ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Anomaly’ without dying. By the way, I had fun playing stealth ninja and nosalis hunter. 🙂

Moar Metro 2033 Madness

I played a bit of Metro 2033 yesterday, and I have made my way to the market with Bourbon after fighting a horde of nosalises:

While we’re there I found a gun shop to see if they got any good weapons, ammunition and other supplies:

I only bought an automatic shotgun for 57 bullets (they’re also used for currency). This puppy can hold a maximum of five shells so you BLAM BLAM BLAM the enemies with it. 🙂

So far Bourbon and I have reached the dead city to check for supplies and hunt down more nosalises along the way. I hope there’s special weapons around the dead city like a revolver with a silencer or a rifle stock and an air gun that shoots like a pistol, then that would be nice. 🙂

Let’s talk about Metro 2033

Last night I played a game that I have never touched, and that is Metro 2033. It’s a first-person shooter survival horror video game where you play as Artyom, a guy who must defeat an evil mutant race known as the Dark Ones, and you are fighting off a bunch of mutants, demons and enemy humans with guns. Man, I hate those gun-toting bastards with a passion. Anyway, here are a few screenshots of what the game looks like:

Good. Now I can make some demon stew for dinner. 😛

These pigs are enjoying their dinner, while one of them is rolling around in mud. Nice. 🙂

What I like about this are the traditional guns like revolvers, automatic weapons and shotguns. I also like this one cutscene that has pictures of things like the clock tower, the city, the boats out on the water, etc. It’s because it’s the coolest cutscene I have ever seen, and the reason why I like the pictures in it because they look quite nice. 🙂 So yeah, I had fun playing it but God that was brutal.

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