Yet Another Evening Open Thread

Instead of continuing my comic that I made on a piece of paper a few month ago, I decided to create a new one using the Paint program and my mouse because my tablet wasn’t working for some reason, but it’ll be fixed eventually. So far I’ve got about one third of the project done, and I apologize for not putting one up from a couple years back. Oh, and I also apologize for not posting last couple days ago because I was too busy getting my work done like getting the last of the bark and pinecones in two separate buckets out of our backyard so that we can put down grass seed if the wind’s not too breezy.

Either way, once I fill in all the columns of what I’ve been thinking about on my comic project then I’ll come up with some good sentences of what people say from their call-outs.

But for now, I put together my old Borderlands 2 video footage and some nice text to create this ‘Please Wait’ screen picture that I made for Tomala on her latest live stream of that game:


Here’s another animated TF2 GIF that I created for tonight with the help of Shotcut since I’ve been playing that game lately:

It was me as a Sniper annihilating an enemy Heavy with a single full charged headshot. That Heavy was doing the headshot death animation after he lost all 300 of his health, and as the old saying goes: ‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall’. Of course, that is the name of the title of this animated picture that I just uploaded on Steam. 😛

Have some animated game pics

I forgot to put up my first two animated GIFs that I made the other day. This first one is me as Scout performing a taunt-kill on an enemy scout who’s playing his bongo drums in TF2:

And then here’s this animated pic from Metro 2033 of a drunk enemy bandit opening the door and then get shot in the head:

Credit goes to Twitch streamer AlwaysUnreal for the streaming gameplay footage.

I used OBS Studio and Microsoft PowerPoint to record them and then use Shotcut to save them as animated GIFs.

Have some Ellen’s Pet Dish

I went to on YouTube and watched a couple of videos from The Ellen DeGeneres Show involving Ellen’s new animated original series called Ellen’s Pet Dish. It’s about her and Portia de Rossi’s talking pets watching some best moments from the show:

My most favorite part is the one where a male dog is telling jokes to the other pets, and he is giving them answers that rhyme with Oprah. 😛

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