Kermit Gets High (And Hung On The Ceiling)

Last night I was testing out some workshop mods in Left 4 Dead 2, and I took this screenshot of Kermit the Frog (a workshop mod that replaces the Hunter) getting his left hand stuck high on the ceiling:

I’d thought that was truly hilarious when that happened. πŸ˜› I also remember watching that one part on my sis Tomala’s L4D2 live stream titled “EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER!!!!!” from last year where the Jockey got his body stuck on the ceiling after killing him using the Admin Menu because she was being ridden by him for about 20 seconds.

Kermit does Hawaii (and 420, too!)

I’ve been making some more artwork lately earlier this evening. This is Kermit the frog holding a bong and a cigarette while getting stoned with a Hawaiian shirt and khakis on:

It would’ve been even better if Kermit was wearing a helmet to go along with the Hawaiian shirt he’s wearing to make Special Kermit. πŸ˜›

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