MOAR WAR PAINT!!! (and a Genuine hat)

I finally managed to sell off enough junk to buy this Dragon Slayer War Paint:

Plus I got the Merc Stained War Paint and a Genuine straw boater for the Sniper as a bonus:

I already used up my War Paint and obtained a couple of decorated weapons:

So now those two decorated weapons have been added to my backpack along with the Smissmas Sweater Grenade Launcher from last month.

My Latest TF2 Hat Drop

Last night I received a latest hat drop while I was playing around on some community servers in TF2. It was a cavalier hat for the Spy:

That hat looks stylishly nice on my Spy loadout, and what I like about it is that it has a team-colored feather attached to it. 🙂 I’m still hoping to get the Factory New Dragon Slayer War Paint once I sold enough trading cards and other junk that I don’t need anymore.

Either way, it was once again a bunch of fun. 🙂

Wednesday Open Thread: Tiny Hat Edition

San_San showed me how to make miniature hats by using pieces of empty paper towel rolls earlier this afternoon, some colorful yarn and a few cottonballs. Here’s a picture of the miniature hats that I made:

After getting done making the mini hats, I got outside and did some work in the backyard with Dad. I was dumping the yard waste along the fence next to the creek while he rakes it up and then shoveling them in the bucket until it’s full so that I can dump it out. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the dam filled with yard waste but we got most of it taken care of and we’ll do the rest of it hopefully tomorrow. 🙂

Open Thread!

I bought some super cool Feam Tortress Dos items

I bought some TF2 items in the Steam market yesterday. I got a metallic bow and arrow set, two hats (Bill’s Hat and the Scribblenauts hat) plus a bunch of awesome War Paint and hat paints added to my backpack. 🙂 I even got a Blue Moon Cosmetic Key to unlock one of my Blue Moon Cosmetic Cases and here’s what I unboxed:

After I got done sorting through my stuff I decided to repaint some of my hats, and I even applied my war paint to some weapons that I’ve got so far:

Can’t wait to test out those War Painted puppies. 😀

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