Current Gaming Mood: TOYBOX

I’ve been checking out an old Windows puzzle game called TOYBOX, where the objective is to drop the falling toys (two at a time) onto the matching toyboxes in order to advance to the next level. Here’s what the gameplay looks like:

This is actually the shareware version of this game which only contains 6 levels, in which I finally mastered all of those levels in the game. Hooray! 😀

And now I’m off to heading off to find something new (old). Goodnight!

I found something rare in Pokémon Diamond

I’ve been catching more new (old) species in Pokémon Diamond tonight. Here’s a rare one that I caught the other day:

Plus I’ve also been making some poffins in the Poffin House located in Hearthome City but I don’t have any screenshots for that, unfortunately. But I do have a screenshot of my Feebas’ current condition right now.

Once I get its beautiful condition high enough then it’ll evolve into Milotic. Oh, and I just found out that there’s another way to evolve it and that is when you trade it while its holding a Prism Scale but I can’t do that because I have nobody to do trading. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to do this the hard way.

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