I found another free game on Humble Bundle

I went on Humble Bundle this evening and found a free Steam game called Age of Wonders III. I was having fun trying to log in to my Humble Bundle account because Captcha was being a dick to me and/or was having technical difficulties loading pictures of vehicles, road signs, etc. I even tried logging in to my account using my father’s laptop in the garage but that was a no-go.

Anyway, I managed to jump through a few hoops and received a Product code for the free game and added it to my collection of Steam games.

Click here to go get the game while it’s free for a limited time.

The Wang has risen!

Tomala let me know that Shadow Warrior was free on Humble Bundle, so I went and grabbed a copy:

Wassup fuckers? Prepare to be annihilated!

You play as Lo Wang, a legendary warrior who can kill enemies with his sword or guns, if he has ammunition. He can do other things like dash in any direction just by pressing the Shift key then pressing the usual W, S, A or D. If you hold the Shift key and press W, Wang will start to sprint until his stamina drops. I also like how you can slice and dice dead enemies into bits and pieces:

Another cool thing is when you press R while you’re equipped with the Penetrator [great name], it sputters like fireworks:


There are some special things in this game like Dark Crystals which give me Ki, an energy that allows me to learn or upgrade demonic powers. Other special things in this game are spirits from fallen creatures which give you health, karma to learn and upgrade my skills, and demon hearts that kills all demons from six meters away from me, which is demonically awesome. 😀 I made my way to Chapter 2 which is The Party Bus after killing dozens of enemy humans and demons in the first one, and then I took some screenshots of arcade machines plus the original classic Shadow Warrior arcade machine in the Prologue:

Not a bad game… I don’t think I’ll have to be too bored to play this again. 🙂

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